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Time-consuming and cluttered business organization is prone to errors. Let Bluesprint show you the value and power of connected planning!

Reach the company’s strategic targets through smarter operational planning

Collaborative decision-making

Increasingly more companies understand the need for agility and transparency to adapt to today’s requirements for speed. In order to ensure this, it is important that information is shared throughout the organization.

Bluesprint is the leading Connected Planning developer in the Nordic countries and have deep product and domain expertise in Connected Planning solutions across your business. We are exclusive Nordic partners with Anaplan, a global cloud-based planning software company that licenses subscriptions for business planning software in areas ranging from finance to human resources.

Reach the company’s strategic targets through smarter operational planning. Our versatile and flexible solution is user friendly and easily adaptable, supporting and enhancing the communication between users and departments.

Stop spending too much time gathering and consolidating data in Excel

Give the green light to Bluesprint’s solution architects and let us show you the power of Connected Planning. Bluesprint enables smarter decisions faster by digitizing the process for planning, analyzing and collaboration:

  • creating scenarios visualizing and predicting potential outcomes on various parts of your business
  • connecting the details to see the overall picture in everchanging and increasingly complex business environment

The bottom line: Decision making made fast and easy. Save time and unnecessary costly mistakes.

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“Reforcasting my entire P&L this week would have taken two days before. With Anaplan it only took one hour”

Bjørn Unnerud, CFO Voice, Norway’s leading fashion company

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