About Planalot

As the leading exclusive Anaplan partner in Norway Planalot have deep product and domain expertise in connected planning solutions across your whole business.

Personal service

Planalot is entirely focused on Anaplan. We have extensive experience with planning & reporting from traditional suppliers. We provide a personal service and you are ensured help and support whenever you need it.


The technology of Anaplan offers effortless facilitation of models and is developed so that you have ownership of your own solutions, rather than external consultants.

Many businesses implement systems for planning which are needlessly slow, inflexible and time consuming. For instance, Excel is regularly utilized as a planning tool. This can suffice in smaller businesses, but when more people and additional dimensions are expected to work together, systems like these are terribly insufficient.

Save time and money

Planalot conducts and implements Anaplan's planning solutions. When we say ‘planning’ we mean budgetary planning, as well as prognosis, costs, simulation, resource-, project- and salesplanning, as well as much, much more. The experience of Planalot combined with the architecture of Anaplan makes for a shortened period of implementation. If you wish to save time and money in the forementioned departments, you may want to have a chat with us.

Excellent user support

Planalot guides you through deployment, and offers a helping hand whenever you need it. In addition, Anaplan’s own embedded support, Anapedia, is always available as well. There is also a 24/7 chat-service and last but not least: a strong Anaplan Community. You are in safe hands!


Espen Grepperud 
+47 99 40 10 76

Espen has many years of experience in financial management and consultancy work. He has high expertise in rolling forecasts, scenario modeling, price simulation, promotion management, P&L reporting and other critical business processes. He is also sertified as a Master Anaplanner.

Reidar Kjørsvik 
+47 91 64 16 06

Reidar has been involved in a multitude of IT projects, covering a variety of business areas within many industries. His enthusiasm for IT, his interdisciplinary and versatile background are Reidars trademarks and strengths. He yearn to find smart solutions for our customers.