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Press release, November 19th, 2018


Planalot and Adjen are joining forces to become the leading Anaplan Partner and provider of connected planning solutions in the Nordic region.


The founders of respective company, Espen Grepperud and David Hagetoft have extensive experiences with connected planning. Both of them started working with Anaplan when Anaplan was first introduced on the Nordic market in 2012.


- This is the natural next step for Adjen, to scale up the business together with Planalot and Espen. I have known Espen since I joined Anaplan and have great respect for his experience in business intelligence and connected planning. Also, he is an overall great guy and that helps when setting out to build a business together, says David Hagetoft founder of Adjen.


Together Adjen and Planalot already have over 15 well-known norwegian and swedish brands as customers. The focus for 2019 will be to continue growing the customer base by building a strong sales team and recruit more consultants in Sweden and Norway. The company will continue to be 100% dedicated to Anaplan and connected planning.


- After working together in several projects we know what we can achieve together as a team, Espen continues. With Planalot, I have had great success in Norway so far and the timing is right to scale up and build a Nordic operation. Anaplan was recently introduced on the New York Stock Exchange and is growing aggressively. We expect this will give a push on the market during 2019. David is a perfect partner for doing this together with me and the current Planalot team.


The company will continue to operate as Planalot in Norway and Adjen in Sweden until the new name is launched beginning of 2019.


About Connected Planning

Connected Planning lets you leverage the combined power of technology and people to make the most of natural connections that already exist in your organization. Connected Planning ensures that your strongest people use the best available data to make better-informed decisions. For more information, visit


Contact Information:

David Hagetoft, +46 730 746 085

Espen Grepperud, +47 994 01 076

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