Faster and more effective planning and decision-making

Faster and more effective planning and decision-making in every area of your business. Anaplan’s cloud planning platform enables you to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and plans in every part of a business.


The best data to drive informed decisions.

Anaplan represents a game-changing leap beyond traditional business intelligence and enterprise performance management systems. Performance data about the past provides useful insights, but managers then quickly turn to the question “what should we do going forward?” Anaplan’s powerful modeling and calculation engine helps managers evaluate expected results from different decisions before acting upon them. This combination of backward-looking and forward-looking data is what we consider to be the “best data” for decision-making.


Modern planning and decision-making is collaborative.

Anaplan’s platform provides large-scale collaborative planning and decision-making across complex processes. Metadata-level views of plans and the relationship between them enable the impacts of plan changes to ripple instantly to other affected areas of the business. Flexible role-based security levels ensure collaboration with confidence. Audit trail, model restore, and selective user access make it possible for safe and simultaneous planning in real time.


Unrivaled modeling that makes the power of the platform come together.

Anaplan’s platform boasts the world’s most powerful and flexible modeling and calculation engine, called Hyperblock™. This in-memory engine enables the creation of detailed planning models that utilize all your data down to the transactional level (product SKU, stores, employees, etc.) for real-time impactful business decisions. Build plans to any level of granularity with many dimensions. You can think of it as “high-fidelity planning.”

Empower business-owned innovation with governance.

Anaplan’s cloud platform is a modern, secure architecture designed to satisfy the mutual needs of business users and the IT department. Native Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and –industry-leading security features enable good governance for IT requirements, while business users are essentially self-sufficient in creating and maintaining models and planning processes. People experienced with Microsoft Excel are able to quickly learn Anaplan modeling, and operational managers can use simple interfaces to drive day-to-day their processes. The result is that large companies use Anaplan for complex enterprise-grade planning across thousands of users, with zero to minimal IT support required.

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