Too valuable to be vulnerable


Continuous business improvements and innovation require insight, cross-organizational cooperation and agile tools.

For the last three decades spreadsheets have been a common and efficient tool to develop and test methods for business analystics and forecasting. Most people know Excel quit well and some organization utilizes Excel to the extreme while others use it for simple reporting. In both cases the fundamental data is extracted from ERP solutions or other transaction-based business systems. The information is retrieved using ETLs (Extract Transform and Load) , queries or simply by cutting and pasting data into the models. New parameters and calculations are easily added to the spreadsheet when needed and key numbers including graphical charts nicely visualized.

So far so good! Excel has been, and still is, a great tool for continuous improvements, but it is about time to improve the tools too! For what happens when the underlying data changes, when the business model needs to be changed, when others want to do their adjustments to parameters, calculation rules and so forth? Anyone, who has been in the business for a while, knows how complicated it can be, to maintain huge spreadsheets with links to a multitude of sources and subsheets. After some time no one wants to touch it, except the inventor himself, if he still is around. The result is that the models and sometimes even the data input, remains the same for years and critical strategic decisions may be taken based on completely wrong information basis.

Excel contains columns, rows, cells, formulas, macros and Visual Basic scripts for the most advanced usage. Inside here, the business logic is held, hidden, and available only for the inventor himself! Your business is too valueable to be vulnerable like this! You deserve a more agile tool.

Planalot can help your organization to “unhide” and to make these models available for all your employees, and at the same time make your employees able to actively contribute in your improvement process.

Planalot uses the cloud-baes tool Anaplan for planning and analytics. With Anaplan you are able to give the user a unique overview and insight in your organization’s business model and same time give your employees an opportunity to cooperate with plans and analytics across the whole organization.

We do not claim that our methodology and tool, alone, will give you a hyper efficient organization, but it will definitely help your organization up-to-speed, and to another level when it comes to continuous improvements.

What we do know is that cooperation is important. One idea is always based on another and to be a part of the evolution you have to facilitate cooperation and innovation.

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